Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac 30-day Trial #fail

So I saw that there was a trial for the new Office 2011 for Mac. I had read that people have been having issues with the new Outlook app connecting to Exchange servers, so I wanted to test it for myself before pushing to buy it at work.

I’ve tried numerous times now to register and download the trial software, and so far have been S.O.L. Initially, I get the “fragment” error on the website. I eventually got the site to work, and got my download email, but when I entered the order number and password as instructed, I was told there was no order with that number.

C’mon, Microsoft. If you can’t get this part right, what do you expect people to do?

At this point, I’ll stick to the old Entourage app for work email, and keep using iWork for everything else. I can’t exactly recommend the upgrade to my boss if the trial download doesn’t even work.

You #fail, Microsoft.

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