Hard Drive #FAIL

I love Western Digital hard drives for one reason. They rarely fail on me. Well, they last a long, long time before failing. Except for this one. This one made it about a year before glitching. Granted, it goes everywhere with me, so it gets abused.
This is the little 500GB I use as an external for my laptop. It’s a “working” drive… When I’m on the road, large video files or photo dumps sit here until I get home. Once I’m home, photos and videos get dumped onto my main hard drives where they are properly backed up.

But I’ve been lazy.

I now have 400GB of video and photos just sitting on it, dating back to October of 2010. Bad geek.Today I needed some of that data, and as I was organizing photos into folders to copy over to my main drives, the drive glitched. OSX informed me that it could read the drive, but couldn’t write to it. Damn. So my laptop is tied up for the next 8 hours or so, copying files from the little 500GB drive to one of my 2TB drives.
Let that be a lesson to y’all. Don’t get lazy on the back ups. Especially on these little drives that you pack around everywhere. They’re subject to more abuse than the drives that just sit in your office. I know I beat the crap out of mine.

Just for the record–I still love my Western Digital hard drives. One premature failure out of 100 or so drives is pretty good.

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