This is what’s wrong with customer service today…

Initial Question: Delivered package to my address by mistake
Sonya W.: Hi, this is Sonya W.. I’ll be happy to assist you.
Daniel: Thank you. The UPS guy delivered a package to my house by mistake.
Sonya W.: Ok, thank you for contacting us with this information. Unfortunately this type of request cannot be supported through chat. Please call our customer service department at 1-800-742-5877 for additional help. Do you have any other questions?
Sonya W.: I haven’t heard from you in a while. Unless you have more questions I’ll go ahead and end the chat.
Daniel: Nope, I guess that covers it.
Sonya W.: Thanks for contacting us. Enjoy your day.
Sonya W. has disconnected.

Unfortunately, the address on the label is fairly ambiguous, (no st. or ave. or pl. or anything,) so I’m not even sure I could deliver it correctly myself. The sad part is, except for the possible street name, it’s not even close to my address. What’s the point of having the whole “Chat Live” feature on your website if the CSRs aren’t empowered to actually help?

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