Finally. Twelve South has a BookBook case for the iPhone 6. I ordered mine on Friday, and received it today. This is my third BookBook case (for the iPhone–I’ve also had BookBook cases for iPads.)

Construction quality is on par with previous BookBook cases, but I’m not sure how I feel about the removable shell. I love the idea of the removable shell, but it isn’t quite as simple as it looks in their promo video. Maybe I just need to practice. Currently, it takes me quite a bit of trial and error to get the shell to detach completely. Sliding it into stand mode is pretty easy, though. Being able to remove the shell was a big selling point for me, as it allows me to put the phone in the car mount when driving. Like I said–hopefully with a little bit of practice, I’ll master the detach.

I’ve got about 10 cards stuffed into mine. Like my previous BookBook cases, it’ll take about a month before the leather will stretch and bend to conform to 10 cards. 

Bonus that I hadn’t considered: Since the iPhone 6 is bigger, the cash pocket is bigger. No need to get creative when folding your Benjamins. Just fold them in half and they fit perfectly.

Get yours at the Twelve South website.

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