Van Acquisition Trip

My dad purchased this van back in November of 2015. 53k original miles (not 153k as I had thought.) It had recently had a bit of restoration done to the interior–paint, the shower was removed and replaced with cabinets, microwave was installed, etc. I visited shortly after he bought it and suggested that if he ever decided to sell it, I get first dibs.

He decided to sell it.

I flew out to Montana last week to drive it home. Originally, I had planned on documenting the whole trip with a GoPro and various other cameras, but I got caught up with everything, and kept forgetting to charge the GoPro. So there isn’t much in the way of visual documentation. But I did manage to get a few photos.

The trip back was long, but entertaining. 60mph was pretty much the top comforatble speed, and it dropped to 30mph over the passes. The wind knocked the van all over the place, but it wasn’t till I hit the gorge around The Dalles that it actually got out of hand. What generally takes me 8.5-9 hours in my Jeep Cherokee took a total of 11 hours in the van. But I stopped to enjoy the scenery along the way, so that added to the drive time.

It was actually kind of nice. Back when I was much younger, and the speed limits were 55, I stopped quite a bit to see things along the drive. In the past 10 years or so, road trips started becoming races. I started focusing on how quickly I could get from point A to point B, and ignored the drive itself. That said, by the time I hit I-84 in Oregon, I was ready for the drive to be over.

After much Googling, I found out that the conversion was actually a Cobra Discoverer. There isn’t much on the web about it, so hopefully this little Tumblr blog will help anyone else looking for info on this particular model.

So the van is now in my driveway. I plan on spending today at DEQ and DMV getting all the title and registration work done. Wish me luck. 🙂

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