Moving to

I decided to pull the trigger on moving my sites to I really hope Posterous survives the Twitter acquisition, but I'm not sticking around long enough to find out. I'm also working on eliminating my hosting account at Dreamhost. $120/year was fine when I was hosting a bunch of custom sites, but I don't … Continue reading Moving to

Custom Domains, Dreamhost, and Posterous

I sent this to a buddy of mine so he could set up his domain to point towards his Posterous blog, and I thought maybe someone else might benefit from it as well.If your domain is registered through Dreamhost, this is how you set an A record towards your Posterous blog.Go to the “Manage Domains” … Continue reading Custom Domains, Dreamhost, and Posterous

Zemanta and Some Rambling

Image via Wikipedia Image via Wikipedia Trying out this Zemanta thing. Apparently, once you’ve written your post, you can use Zemanta to find relevant photos, links, tags, etc. and drop them directly in your post. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between WordPress and Posterous lately. Even pulled the trigger and switched to WordPress briefly. … Continue reading Zemanta and Some Rambling